Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry so long..

Sorry it was so long since my last post. I had a long week last week. I joined the YMCA last Tuesday. Since then I took two piyo (Pilates yoga) class's, two fitness yoga class's, a bosu class, family active drumming and yoga, and a zumbo class. I have been just in love with the class's that are offered at the y. I am loving it. I took zumba (belly dancing) this morning. I love it. It was allot of fun. I am going to have to go back later today because monkey butt wants to take kids bosu. So I will be taking some pilates. :) I have been watching my points again too and am down two more points.
I also had my nephew Calvin all weekend. We put him through many tortures and spoiled him a bit too. I made him cut his hair and hug his cousin.
but I did give him blueberry pancakes and a a very milky cup of coffee in the morning. (he has one all the time with his mom)
Forced him to do yoga with Shelby (well maybe not totally forced)

look at those great down dogs. I also took him to the YMCA to go swimming and to the active drumming class. He had a good time with that.
Then we finally took cal home and hung out for family dinner at his house.
We got home late last night and this is what we found on our floor
pretty nasty huh. We kept getting a few ants and then I gave in last week and got a few ant traps stuck them under my stove and this is what was in front of it Sunday night when we got home. Pretty nasty. I am going to give it a few days and if there are still issues I will make calls. As for knitting I am making some very pretty feather and fan socks out of the lovely yarn my girlfriend Lynn gave me. :) I will have pics soon. I am going to grab a snack quick though before I have to go back to the y for another class. :) have a good day everyone

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  1. Ew. Hard to let the ants go to the poison or ant hotel or whatever. Hope that takes care of the problem for you! (Missed your postings, too - glad you're back.)