Friday, July 30, 2010

sick but busy

So out of no where a few days ago the fire monster and I got sick. She was even more whiny then usual and complaining about being the middle of like 100 degree heat... so sure enough she had a temp. Next thing you know I am achy and miserable too. So the next morning I drug us into the minute clinic just to be sure and it is viral. So nothing we can do. But I have been busy going crazy in my head with all the things I would like to get done before I have my surgery. I had been saving some tins and containers for this..

I saw it in a magazine and pulled it out. I am going to send some of these to my sister for her craft room which she is almost done renovating. I also picked these up today on sale at Joann's...

I am not sure which I am going to use on my current project... will just have to wait and see.
Also my big sister thought of me when she went into this store in her town that has furniture that gets refurbished. These chairs were probably well over 50 years old and came from the fancy hotel that used to be in their town.

I sanded cleaned and spray painted them..

and am redoing the seats in this...

they will look like this when I am done..

I love them they have other ones set aside for me so I can pick one up here and there as I can afford them. I am very excited and love them. I am still not feeling great so I am going to bed early then off to my other big sisters early tomorrow for some family time.


  1. Wow. You accomplish more when you are sick than I do when I'm well! The chairs look *fabulous*

    Hope you and the fire monster get well soon (and monkey butt & Ben don't get it).

  2. That stinks that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon.

    The decked out cans are adorable and the chairs are gorgeous. It looks like you've been productive in spite of being sick.