Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fo ilene bag

I totally forgot to post my finished beachie bag photo. The pattern was the Ilene bag and it was made from sugar and cream with size 4 and 6 needles. I love love love this bag. I made it a big big so I can use it as a beach/gym bag. I love that the 1x1 ribbing on the handle looks like neat st st. I also had to learn the 3 needle bo for this project.

I have it crammed full of stuff in this photo for the beach. but I intend to make a smaller version for a purse I love it soo much. It is a great bag and I love the way it worked with the sugar and cream. I love the weight and sturdiness of the yarn in this pattern. It is truly great. I can't wait to make another.
I had my consultation with the plastic surgeon and it sounds great I am waiting now for the insurance company to make a decision on wither they are going to cover it. If you know me I am not a good waiter. So I stewed about it before bed and then I woke up feeling like I had been punched in the jaw. I must have been in full out stress grinding my teeth mode last night and popped my jaw out of line. I had a miserable day. I am back to the mouth guard at night I guess. I skipped the gym and sat here watching leap year (from netflix) and knitting traveling woman shawl out of my knit one crochet too ty-dy (or better known as the bad juju yarn) I will see how this goes it can always be a gift. :)
It is soo funny how I had to buy the bad juju yarn last year I thought the pansy color way was wonderful and couldn't wait to get it and it has caused me nothing but pain lol. So far though it seems to like being a shawl better then it has liked being a pair of socks. :) Well I am off to knit some more before bed. :)

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