Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I kept smelling the distinct sent of my dad last night and I have to say it felt like a good omen. I woke up (way too early) feeling like everything was going to be just fine.So I spent 8 hours today in a waiting room while my father in law arteries replaced. It was a long tedious day of stress and anxiety. I worked on my sister in laws Lelah while channeling my gurus from afar and had her try it on I cut her face out due to the fact that well... she looked like hell. She was crying and under lots of stress so all faced will be blocked to protect the Innocent.

the pattern is a great one. I actually did it top down so the lace pattern is upside down which makes it look like hearts which I think is very fitting.

It looks great on her body and will be wonderful it is made from Elizabeth Harding kashmir so has some cashmere in it. The orangie glow is the stress and fear in the waiting room. I am glad to report that my father in law is off the ventilator, pace maker, and all heart regulating meds already the nurses say he is a ten out of ten right now. I am exhausted. I am very sad that I can't watch the last Phil deadliest catch tonight I am trying to attach a video I am not sure I can do it right.

I look forward to watching it with my sister this weekend and sobing like a baby. My love to the Harris family.

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