Monday, July 19, 2010

Family fun weekend..

So I finally pined down my sister in law to get her to pick up her Lelah and try it on for a pic for my Ravelry account of coarse.

This is her in the finished product. I love that the lace design turned into little hearts since I knit it backwards. It was totally unintentional but was perfect for what we were going through when I knit it. I love it soo much.

When she came to get it I was at my big sisters getting ready to go to Lilith Fair. A all female concert which I got free tickets for from one of the hubbys co-workers. It was fun to get dressed up and go into the city with the big sis.

This is us on the front steps before we took off

Isn't she cute lol. We saw Courtyard Hounds ( the two sisters from the dixie chics project) they were what you would expect sweet and pretty but didn't cut it with out Natalie. Heart who rocked hard and my favorite Mary J blige. She was great she did my favorites of hers, a u2 song ,and stair way to heaven. Sarah McLaughlin was great too. We stayed for 2 of hers then beat the crowd

we got tons of freebies too a cute chevy bag, 2 moist towels, tampons, crystal light, luna bars, pads, degree body spray, 20 free itunes songs (non of the ones I wanted but its cool) and coupons.

but best of all I had tons of fun with the big sis. Here are our photos from the crystal light booth. It was a blast to hang out with her.

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