Wednesday, December 5, 2012

best tea ever!!

I am a coffee drinker I love coffee I drink it every single day.  I love all different forms of it iced, drip, french press (which I make my self every morning) lattes the whole shebang.  but even though I love coffee my first love was tea. While I don't drink tea every single day of the year when I do I love it.  For me it carries with it memories of this amazing women..

My grandma!!  We grew up spending one night a weekend with her.  We always had tea with lemon heads and red hots from the jar on the back of her stove and cinnamon toast for breakfast.  I have mentioned her before on here and how much I love her and miss her and when ever I have a cup of tea and teach my girls to share that love of tea it helps me keep her alive in our hearts. :)  Having a cup of tea is like getting a big hug from that little lady.

Lately I have been drinking allot of tea.  I have added to my tea collection and have some things I have added into my tea ritual that my sister got me hooked on.  It is soo good my husband has me make him a cup every night after we put our kiddos to bed.  I have to share. :) 

Here is every thing I need for my tea. (the tea pot isn't necessary it was just a great find at home goods and too cute not to show off;)
So start with your favorite mug... this is my favorite lately

 Grab your favorite tea.  I have a cupboard full of tea this is my favorite lately.  I love all kinds of tea I have fancy expensive ones and I still love the amazing flavor and juiciness of celestial seasonings.  They come out of Boulder Colorado a amazing city I want to go back to some day and they remind me of catch a release which I also love...anyway back to tea.

Now here is the part my sister got me hooked on you take a lemon cut it into little slices throw it in a jar, cover it in honey, toss it in the fridge like this. It keeps for when eve you are ready for your tea.
So I boil my water in my tea pot on the stove. ( I hate water heated in the microwave I always think it tastes funny don't ask) .  Once it is just before a boil I steep my tea for a minute until it looks beautiful and berry like then move my tea bag to a little dish.

next comes the lemon heads and red hots.
This is usually what I put in my tea.
Then I scoop out one lemon toss that in.
I pour in a spoon full of the honey. ( I usually toss in a artificial sweetener packet too...don't' judge me)
I squeeze the lemon and there you go the best juicy delicious cup of tea ever. 
I love love love it.  It makes me feel warm and cozy and my whole little world better.
I hope you guys try this and I hope you enjoy it.  Please leave a comment below and let me know if you try this I would love to hear your favorite type of tea.

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