Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Help katie by purchasing a Donate life charm

This is Katie and her beautiful family.

Katie has been fighting a rare disorder called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) in May 2012 her illness took a turn for the worse and sent her into liver failure. When PCS develops into liver failure it moves much more rapid compared to other diseases of the liver and becomes terminal. Katie has a very short time to live if she does not receive a liver transplant.
Katie is loving daughter, sister, wife and friend. Katie and her husband Clayton have dreamed for years of being parents.
Unfortunately, due to PCS Katie was unable to carry children herself. In 2010 they were blessed with adopting a beautiful baby boy. Now, 2012, Katie is fighting for her life.  

The schollmeiers and my hubby's family were very close they are like brothers and sisters to each other. I adore the schollmeiers.  We are doing a few things to help raise money to help for medical expenses during the surgery in which Ben her brother (one of the most selfless amazing people I have ever met in the whole world) will gladly donates 70% of his liver to her to save his little sisters life.
 Here is a hilarious picture of them I stole off his facebook (sorry guys lol)

 We waited for a long time to know if they would find a match for her and this is what Ben posted on his fb to let everyone know he was a match (how cute was this he had my house in tears!)Roses are red.
My Sister was blue.
I said, "Not to worry, I have a liver for you."
Took some tests, though I've drank with the best.
I passed, with a gasp, and said, "Finally at last!"
It will take some time, but we will recover.
This one is for my Sister, because man do I love her.

Love you Sis, and I'm glad to be there for you in a big way.

~Your Bro Ben

 (cuter then cute right) 
One of the things that we are doing for fundraising efforts is people can purchase these awesome hand stamped necklaces and 5$ automatically goes to them.

This is the boy version.  They can be purchased here

The other thing is a Benefit if you live in the twin cities area and would like to attend or if you have something you would like to donate toward auction the info is here.  I know I will be donating a basket as well as some of my friends and there is also a signed Adrian Peterson photo and some things from the timber wolves and other things.  :)  Keep these great people in your thoughts and prayers and thanks for your time and thanks for any who donate to these great people I am lucky enough to know and call friends ;)

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