Tuesday, December 18, 2012

make up storage/ drafting table refurb.

About a month ago I helped my gf/ neighbor Pat clean out a storage area she had a bunch of furniture from down sizing.  I wound up with a few pieces.  My media cabinet and this drafting table.  It was sturdy but not pretty and very beat up. 

I painted the base black, the drawer fronts grey, and the top blue, then I did some spray adhesive and the same lace I used on this project.  and then sprayed a light coat of black over so it came out like a grey.  After a little elbow grease and some spray paint it came out to this.. 

Here it is in my craft room/ girl cave.  It sees allot of use.  I love it because it is taller then my old desk so it hurts my back less to work at. ( Excuse the clutter in the girl cave.  Lots of projects and wrapping and other things taking place in here lately.)

If you look on top this is also where I do my make up every day. On the very corner is my ball winder , then  I have little bins on the lazy susan that hold things like lace, crochet hooks, pens. then I have two little containers filled with split peas to hold up my make up brushes, a container of cotton swabs, then there are 3 ikea cubies booked on the wall for scissors rippers things of that sort, and a double sided mirror, and my sewing machine,  Underneith is a basket with batting and things of that nature, then a tote of scrapbook papers. and my garbage, 
 Inside the drawers I keep my everyday makeup or things I use quiet often.  I lined then in shelf paper then filled then with bins from the dollar tree.  I have everyday items in my green basket,  (L'Oreal dream lumi foundation, L'Oreal bb cream, maybeline baby lips, remmil stay matte, maybeline lumi concealer. nyc brow kit, maybelline age diffying concealer, ect. ) clockwise there is blushes, then highlighters bronzers and eye palettes

 On the left side green basket has two foundations I like, my mascaras in between the baskets is my lorac pro palette, and Revlon color stay whipped, then eye liners and my eye lash curler, next is my cream shadows, up top is more eye palettes (bed head and a few smaller wet and wild and my bare minerals truth palette).  and some make up wipes. 

In the corner I have this little guy I bought when I was pregnant with shelby.  It is where I store my non every day makeup and creams.

I have foundations in top drawer ,blushes in 2nd, eye makeups in 3rd, 4th is lip products, 5th is primers, 6ths is more foundations. and the little basket on the bottom is lotions, creams, and masks.
So that is a brief discription of  how I store my make up.  If you want me to go more in depth of my collection and storage just leave me a comment below and I will do that for you.  :)

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