Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monkey butts big surprise on video!!

This was a super big busy weekend.  It started with my hubby having 4 tumors removed Friday.  They were noncancerous but they will of coarse send them in for testing. From there we went up to minneapolis to go to the holidazzle parade with my family

Its a super fun parade at night where there is Christmas lights on everything.  These light bulbs are some of my favs.
 Here is me and the girls enjoying our selves.  Sometimes this is just miserable and like 30 below out but it was pretty nice friday.
 These little light up things last ages.  We have bought them there in the past and they make it to 4th of july all the little holiday festivals even sometimes back to holidazzle the next year lol.

Then my sister graduated so we got up and went to Mankato to see her ceremony.  Calvin thought it was soo funny to say he was graduating and wear her hat.
 Then came another big thing on our way home ...
  after much begging for months my hubby gave in and decided we could get the girls a kitten for Christmas.  We didn't tell them we just started searching around in the paper and what not and found some 9 week old kittens that had been abandoned by their mother and this lady had bottle fed them and kept then alive.  So we swung by and picked one out!!! 

 This little guy was soo sweet.  He is grey with just a bit of white and has just a tiny bit of white on the tip of his tail.  Also all his whiskers broke off and are growing back so he has just stubby little whiskers.  Fire monster decided that should be his name.  So whiskers it was.

Monkey butt was at her dads so this was all a surprise.  As her and Benji pulled up I put the little guy in a box and let her open it!  I taped it for you guys. ;)

We are all in love and even naughty seems to be coming around
I think the girls keep him on his toes and wear him out lol
My thoughts exactly big guy I am soo off to bed!! Hope you guys are having a great holiday season!

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