Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How I make my french press.

 I love coffee. But most times of the year my husband is up soo much earlier then me that I was heating up coffee that had been made hours (like allot of hours) earlier in the microwave.  Even though we have a insulated carafe it was not so great.  So I decided the way to go was to get my self a french press for my one cup of coffee in the morning.   Let me tell you I am soo glad I did!  My coffee is smooth and amazing now.  I shoped around and picked one up for less then 15$ ikea.  

Here is how I make it.  I throw on my tea pot with water to heat up. While that is happening I throw some hot tap water in the glass to heat it.

 When the water is hot but not whistling It is ready. (ps that is a chip in the paint on my teapot that happened during our move )
 I dump the tap water and  throw in about a table spoon and half of grounds (I usually grind it when I buy it in the store grinder to a coarse ground , but sometimes I will grind it at home too)
 I pour in just enough water to cover the grounds and stir it.
 I set a timer for 4 minutes.

  Then I fill my mug I want to use with hot water to measure the amount of water I will need.
 After 30 seconds have passed I add the rest of the water stir it again then put the plunger back on but leave it up.
 My favorite things I have been using in my coffee are my sugar free salted carmel syrup,( I use about half a shot glass) or my salted carmel mocha creamer. 
 When the timer goes off slowly press down the plunger and pour your coffee into your mug. 
It takes less time then brewing a pot of coffee and is soo delicious.  I love it.   If you wanted you could even skip the whole 30 second part, and just throw all the water in stir and wait 4 minutes.  It makes some seriously great coffee. I have used this to steep cider with mulling spices.  Amazing buy at I believe 12$ too.  I hope you guys enjoyed this and get a chance to use a french press sometime.

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