Monday, December 10, 2012

manicure monday

 Time for manicure Monday!  I have freshly painted nails thanks to yesterdays blizzard.  We are still snowed in and waiting to be plowed out and the kids have no school by the way.  So these are what I chose..
 I chose wet and wilds I read a good book with one quick coat of china glaze ruby pumps over the top.  That makes them beautiful bright red with sparkles all over.

In other words the perfect holiday nails.  My amazing neighbor Pat is going to get some food for the kitty since she is plowed out.  I think me and  the girls are going to cook some Christmas cookies.  Here's to hoping we all survive that long because these two are starting to be out for blood after this many days cooped up together! We have the lovely Grace again today.  I am taking advantage of being stuck in and using it to finish some knitting projects I have had sitting on the back burner for a while.  :)  Hope everyone is warm and cozy.

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