Friday, December 21, 2012

Extreme smokey cat eye.

Ever since I bought the Lorac Pro palette, I have been keeping a eye out for fun tutorials that use it, or that I can adapt to it and I put them in a play list on youtube. (I do this with lots of things I own just to get ideas and when I am not feeling creative I can just grab one out and pic a tutorial)  I ran across a great one today and couldn't help my self.  It was for a smokey cat eye.
You use tape out the sides of your eyes to get that very defined look (I have not been good at this in the past but I some how got it to work this time lol)  I have the video tutorial that is by Jaclynhill1 at the end but I wanted to show the look and how I adapted it. Here is the end look.
Here is the upclose look:

Here is a pic of the pro palette so that you can see what there is and who I used it.  The whole top row is matte shades and bottom is shimmer.  For this look I only used the top row.  These are all creamy and very pigmented.
I used white in the very inner corner, cream on the inner half of the lid, black on the outer v and where she used carbon, and I used taupe to blend and in the crease, but I also used a smidgen of sable for that too, and a bit of mauve on the middle of lid to warm it up. 

I love this look but I went out a bit far and next time for a less extreme look I will just be more careful and not take the line so far past my crease. and maybe angle the tape slightly more up from the corner of my eye to the end of my brow. 

 for the rest of my face here the list of what I used: Foundation: maybelline 24 hour stay foundation, Brows:the millani brow pen, Mascara: Physicians formula lash boosting mascara, Eyeliner: L'Oreal gel liner, Concealer/highlight: under my eyes have maybelline lumi concealer in a upside down triangle, Contour: with nyc sunny, blush: nyx pinched. highlight: hard candy tiki, and last of all Lips: revlon lip butter in pink truffle

I hope you guys give this look a try its very flattering on anyone, its easy to do, and just be careful with how far back on the tape you take the shadow and you will be fine :) 

I will be giving this another shot tomorrow we will see how it goes :)  Have a good weekend guys

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