Sunday, January 15, 2012

going shampoo free.

So for those of you who don't know me I have eczema. I might get small patches on my face ,and if I am not careful I might get patches here and there other places, but mostly it is on my scalp. I have tried all kinds of things over the years : any over the counter dry scalp shampoo, antibiotic shampoos, herbal mixtures, oil treatments, steroid creams (not the pro sports kind lol), and wen. I like wen but it might make things less but not get rid of it. All of these just don't cut it. So I decided to try to go "no poo" meaning no shampoo.

I have been experimenting with a few different ways one being borax, but I hate ordering on line and I would need citric acid to rinse. I did it with out and I felt like it gave me eye issues and wasn't super pleased. So then I changed and started doing the baking soda method. Now I have got it down to a science and I have only had to use shampoo on my hair once in two weeks (because I colored it and I felt I needed to get that out really well) but my scalp felt tight and my hair felt almost plasticy afterword. After weeding through and watching tons of videos and trying different things here are the ones I think are the best and what I am going with.

this is how I apply it and I use 2T since my hair isn't dry.

and this oneon how to wash with just suave conditioner instead of wen this is supposed to work (sorry embedding was enabled making it harder to share)

and then this one is good too for curly or dry hair people but I have heard bad things about the olive oil being very hard to get out so be careful.

So here is what I have used in the last week.

two squirt bottles (one is from beauty supply and one any mother/nurse will recognize you can have a nurse in the family grab you one or even grab like a ketchup mustard bottle pack from the isle with cooking odds and ends at walmart or dollar store) then I have suave daily clarifying (1.49) and baking soda, and some vinegar (they say apple cider but I have had this red wine vinegar in my cupboard for years and need to use it so there you go) I think it works great to exfoliate my scalp and clean my hair. I also think every now and again I will do it like the link to the second video shows (again sorry she blocked embedding so it makes it harder for me to share with you) and just crap ton of suave conditioner. It is great today and I used some baking soda on my scalp and then suave and after I rinsed that out some vinegar water. :) Btw no your hair won't smell like pickles all day. It goes away as soon as it is dry. Vinegar is great too because it has antibacterial qualities. This system is supposed to be esp. amazing on curly hair. Check this out.this is from on just a couple acres blog.
Looks amazing doesn't she. Me having straight hair not as impressive but loving it non the less. I am thinking I will have to try her trick with the aloe too!

So here is my results after two weeks of no poo.

I have shine and it feels soft not squeaky clean and plasticy but clean and soft. I might need to clean more then every 2- 3 days like i was before while my hair adjusts but that is okay. I will deal. (and my skin is glowy and amazing from the custom face wash Vanessa from Nessas Naturals whipped up. Can't recommend that more. My face has been amazing . Don't love the smell ,but do love my skin )

My hair has lots of body and is shiny too!

My hubby tried it this morning and he loved it too!!! So if you guys give it a try please let me know what you think or if you have any questions.


  1. I'm really interested in trying this, my husband would benefit too.
    I'm assuming it is safe for colored hair, definitely worth trying!!

  2. It is safe for colored hair and supposed to be better for it because there isn't sulfates stripping the hair.