Saturday, September 4, 2010

saturday is all about comfort

Some how it went from being in the 90s to being 60s and 50s here in Minnesota.. It feels like fall, cool weather, school starting, getting dark earlier. So I am all about the comfort. I have been curled up on the couch watching a show called wildfire on netflix. My hubby describes it as horse racing meets 90210 but I was never a 90210 fan. I am hooked on wild fire though. While I sat there I was of coarse knitting and what is more comforting then a cute hat...

based off the lovely crevasse by Mrs Angela Johnson I just can't get enough that girl is brilliant.
there is another view..

and another thing I love in the fall since I am still a Washington girl at heart...
apples. I have the window open to let the cool air in and a apple scented candle burning in my freshly scrubbed kitchen making the house smell yummy
and I am drinking this. I grabbed it at target yesterday. I always drink my tea with lemon heads and red hots in it (my grandma always had a jar in her kitchen full of them for her tea) and this is extra yummy that way.
next project a bday present for Hope the neighbor. :) and here is my lunch today a new ultimate comfort food. I listen to audio books while going to bed or cleaning my house and I was listening to blue berry muffin murders by Joanne fluke. It occasionally has recipes and one they made was grill cheese made with cream cheese. Well the other day I went to make lunch for me and fire monster opened the fridge and decided what the heck lets give it a shot. I found this is my favorite way. It is like a less fatty cheaters version of pioneer woman's olive bread.
you need two slices of bread some sort of butter product some cream cheese and olives.
butter the bread I slice the cream cheese with a cheese slicer and place it on the bread I chop up some green olives and grill it up just like a grill cheese.
It is salty and sorta sweet and just yummy. Monkey butt likes hers with jelly instead of olives also very yummy. well I am going to start season 3 of wild fire and then we are going to the drive inn with the family for its last weekend open. Have a great weekend guys.

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  1. Those grilled cheese sound fabulous! I will have to try it next time. :)