Tuesday, September 21, 2010

fo gyffindor socks.

So I am sick as a dog with a cold flu bug and quarantined to the couch. Both not just one of my girls but both have pink eye. I am soo congested I am probably going to choke and my own mucus and please don't start any rumors like all the celebrities it won't be a over dose and it won't be from anorexia that helps me keep my model like figure. It will just be chalked up as another casualty of the flu. but I did manage to bust these things out before I was hit by the full force flu...

Fire monster decided she needs some new gryffindor socks. So I came up with a a quick cable pattern..

They are cute and fit her well and stay up well. She hasen't taken them off since I finished them. She is too excited with her one puffy pink eye. Anyway I have a couch to die on while I watch the riches.

1 comment:

  1. Dude, pink eye and a cold? That is brutal. All my sympathy to you and yours!

    At least you got some pretty socks!