Wednesday, September 15, 2010

remember remember the 15th of september.

Today is my monkey butts bday. She was born at 2:45 in the afternoon after 45 minutes of hard labor (pushing) and was the light of my life ever since. She is a loving wonderful girl that I am soo lucky to have in my world. Her party is Saturday and it will be both her first "friend" bday party and first sleep over because one girlfriend is allowed to sleep over. So we will see how that goes but I told her all her presents will have to wait until then but I surprised her with this...

A cute tiny cupcake sized barbie girl cake. :) and ..

cupcakes to go with it with cream cheese frosting and...

some hand knit socks..

they have ribbing for a snug fit at the arch and the yarn is left over from this...

She calls him ice cream since he is the color of Neapolitan ice cream. She got a pillow pet from her grandma and grandpa and a wii game from her dad and we took her swimming and played games all night :) She had a nice little day.

By the way I did the drawing I put all four comments in that I received in September since I didn't say what day you have to comment and it came up with #1 which was ecbuster. Congrats you have your self a stitch marker necklace. I am exhausted from knitting on the sly until 1 am two nights in a row and am hitting the hay tonight overflowing with love and cupcakes life could be worse. ;) have a good one guys

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  1. Wow. The cupcakes look delicious! Tell Monkey butt "happy birthday" for me.

    That is the cutest hippo ever. What pattern did you use?