Sunday, September 19, 2010

monkey butts 7th bday

As promised here is the finished product of the curl formers. :)

Doesn't monkey butt look so cute. They were very easy and they turned out perfect in the morning. I will be doing it allot I have a feeling. Well here is the scoop on the party...

First they split into teams and decorated boxes as spaceships.

Then we went down the hill and they had to race them as teams. This part was hilarious.

Megan and firemosnter were spectators

silly girls

Lane and Calvin were on the winning team. Lane picked him up and ran lol

the girls were 3 to a box for a long time and just tripped over each other and rolled around lol. It was a riot.

Here is monkey butt just hanging out looking curly
Then they played Woody's round up. They took turns being woody and everyone else would hide and woody would have to round them up.

Here is mckenzee as woody...

Calvin's turn to be

Calvin and Megan being silly

Cole being woody..

Calvin hiding...

monkey butt being woody...

Megan corrupting her cousin lol

Then they played hot mr potato head..

Here they are eating cupcakes and Calvin being silly what a character. He is soo silly. This morning we had a lazy day and I finished these for monkey butt.

They are made out of maizy and they are soo soft and cozy. She has been telling me that things are too "itchy" so these are great for little mrs itchy.

The pattern is black rose from knitty. It is sorta hard to tell on her little feet but the pattern goes up either side. On adult size it is extra pretty. Well I am off to finish muffins for my sweet hubby's birthday tomorrow and finish the movie sound of music with the girls. My girls have a unnatural obsession with older musicals. Night everybody


  1. I would love to knit your Taylor pattern, but when I tried to download it from Ravelry, it wouldn't work! Just took me to your blog!

    Is the pattern still available? My email address is if it is, or if you need further discussion. Thanks!

  2. It is in the left bar if you are interested click on the button to purchase