Saturday, September 11, 2010

So as I told you the other day was the first football game of the season. A holiday to my hubby. I had to cook up something yummy and warm. I made chili. In my house I like to mix up the chili. This time I used ground beef, diced tomatoes, corn, black beans, and olives. Yum it was sooo good.

Then for the real treat I made home made bread to go with it. It turned out great and it wasn't as hard as I thought. I am no longer intimidated by yeast. I found a great tutorial here. I had some toast with it next morning yum and I made another loaf yesterday. I am thinking that this may be the way to go for my family.

It was delicious. I love home made bread. but if I am going to start doing this instead of store bought I am going to have to find a way to not eat half a loaf a day lol. :) As for yesterday, the hubbies schedule changed and now Friday is the day he works both jobs so it is me and the fire monster all day. We filled our day but doing chores and lots of them and then baked bread and a trip to the library..

Our library doesn't have super knitting books. I am always disappointed I did find a few this time. My sisters library in rosemount has great pattern books I don't know who purchases for them but please transfer to the shakopee library...thanks. but I am super excited for knit two. that should be great. I was disappointed in one skein wonders. Not to mention I can't bring my self to knit some of the patterns because they come from the self proclaimed "earth mother" I used to work with. Who last thing I heard worked at a gas station. It just makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit when I think about her and the way she used to talk to me and my gf angela. Anyway bitterness aside I did get back to work on my knitting in the afternoon evening. I worked on this...

re-knitting my some what cowl. (notice the stitch markers)But for some reason I am just not flying through it like I should be I am just not in the mood so I gave in and knit this instead..

Another runners companion. I have a pink one some where and i love it . It is great and I get tons of use from it. (notice how I used shelbys ipod because I wanted to trick you into thinking I have the cute new nano not my tiny 2g from 5 years ago lol) While I knit that I snuggled this..

We are watching harry potter and the goblet of fire (her choice) look how serious she is lol. She always rubs her ear when she gets tired. She is too funny. We paused it in the middle for dinner and a bath then tossed her in her favorite footie princess and the frog pjs and snuggled to finish. Well hubby is home for the morning so I think I will relax maybe do a load of laundry and read my book...maybe I will read my book in the tub...with a cocktail...j/k lol I will read but If I got in the tub with a cocktail this early I would never get out lol Have a great day guys.

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  1. Aimee,

    I see on your sidebar you are or were looking for test-knitters for your Taylor shrug pattern. I would like to knit it for my daughter who wears a 4T, except I would want the sleeves full-length. If you still want test-knitters, please let me know!