Friday, September 17, 2010

preping for birthday party

So it has been a busy day around here. I have been in full swing prep mode for the first friend birthday party. A BIG deal. Until this point my daughter has only had family birthday parties. But her being in 1st grade I figured it is time to let her spread her wing. So I have been trying to get my ducks in a row. We are having a toy story 3 birthday party. I got party favors today and I bought monkeys butts presents got decorations and stuff to make her cupcakes then came home to make these...

Aren't they cute??? The clawwwww..... lol I love them. They have cream cheese frosting and mentos eyes and the ears and antennae are apple licorice. I made about 25. I also had to do this...

Those things all over monkey butts head are curl formers. They are curlers. They are put on with a giant crochet hook looking thing and they are what monkey butt really wanted for her bday. So we had to put them in so she could have curly hair for her party tomorrow of coarse. Right now she is dead asleep on them so they must not be too uncomfortable. They are on there really sturdy thanks to some rubber at the opening, so I am really not worried about her losing them either. I will post some after pics of coarse. I am exhausted and going to knit and watch some tv while I wait for the hubby to get home from some m.m.a. fight thing. (don't' ask just know he owes me big and will be cleaning house for the party tomorrow) night every body

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  1. Gorgeous cupcakes! What a wonderful mom you are. :) Hope her birthday party is a smashing success!