Saturday, July 5, 2014

creamy sweet ice coffee

 One of my favorite summer treats is a nice cool sweet ice coffee in the summer.  I have usually made my own I have shared how to make cold press coffee with you guys before.  It is basically like the coffee version of ice tea.  I have loved it for years and years and I make mine the way I did when I worked at a large coffee chain.  But I found my self lately grabbing these.  Well for one they are too thick for my taste so I add milk, for two they have allot of calories,  and for three they are caffeinated and I like to drink my ice coffee in the afternoon evening so I don't always want caffeine in it then. 

I thought I would share with you how I am going to make my sweetened creamy ice coffee.  So these are all you need.  I have some decaf coffee a can of sweetened condensed milk and a can of evaporated milk.  (i used the fat free version of both)  

First off open both cans of milks and dump them into a jar and shake the crap out of them.  This is what is going to make your coffee creamy and sweet.  Toss that in the fridge until later.

 Take a jug I found this gallon jar one at walmart for 10$ and couldn't pass it up.  I filled it a bit over half the way with cold water.
 Then take one cup of ground coffee and just dump it into the water.
 Put the lid on or cover your jug with saran wrap and let it sit on your counter 24 hours or atleast over night.

 Mine was about 18 hours and this is what I had.
 Now what I do is dump the coffee into a different container and rinse my jug.  I then place my reusable coffee filter (you can find these at most stores for 5$ or so) and a regular one on the top.
 I put this in the sink in case I over pour.  Then just start filling the filter.  I usually change it once as it gets gunked up.  I just kept filling it as it needed while I unloaded my dishwasher.  Before I was even done unloading my dishwasher it was done and I had..
 This.. I threw out the filter .  And tossed the jar back on the counter for the next step.
 Take your jar of sweet cream and pour it into your coffee.

Now if you like your coffee thicker and creamier you can stop at this point.  It will be perfect but if you want it a bit more milky you can add some milk..

 Now next time I will do about half of the amount of milk I did.  Or maybe even add some almond milk instead..
 But there you have it .  Keep it refrigerated and serve it over ice for a nice cup of creamy sweet perfection.  Way cheaper, and better for you then the store and WAY cheaper then the coffee shop version.

 I hope you guys give this a shot it is great and all my supplies cost less then 5$ and I can make at least 3 or  jugs out of the grounds I have left :) 

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