Sunday, June 16, 2013

15 fun summer nail ideas..

 I love doing my nails, and am always looking for new inspiration for fun ways to mix it up.  I thought it would be fun to compile a few fun summer nail looks.  The only tools these would require are maybe some nail art polishes, which can be purchased super cheap even at dollar tree, and maybe a dotting tool.  You can use other things (tooth picks, bobbi pins ect.) but I recently got dotting tools and they are soooo much easier.  A 5 pack with 10 tips sizes can be purchased for less then 2$ here on amazon WITH  shipping.  So really how can you go wrong. With out further adieu here are fun summer nails. lavender with white polka-dots.
 2. robins egg blue with silver accent nail.
3. bright blue and silver with silver zebra accent nails (zebra is way easier then you would think here is a very basic video)
 4.Chevron and blush nails with silver glitter.  I haven't perfected the chevron nails but just last night I ordered something that I think is going to rock my world I can't wait for it to get here to share with you guys.!!! (since I posted this I have finally cracked the code and perfected the chevron nail!!!  Here is my tutorial on the fool proof super easy chevron nail!!)
5. bright oranges pinks and yellows with bling.
6. blues and dots. Here is a tutorial on how to achieve this look
 7. Nautical nails
 8. Rainbow polka-dots. (so fun)
 9. black and blue with white polka-dots.  I was sporting this look a week or so ago.  It is easily achieved with some scotch tape and a white nail art polish and a dotting tool.
 10. white.  This looks soo crisp and amazing.
 11. bright citrusy rainbow.
 12. turquoise nautical fun switch up from your average nautical.
13. mint and oral polka dots.

14. watermelon and lime polka-dots.
15. bright blue and red with polka dots.
bonus 16. when in doubt a french pedi is always adorable.
Hope you guys found this helpful and got some cute ideas for fun summer nails.  I am off to enjoy a beautiful Sunday with the family. I hope you are too.

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