Wednesday, June 26, 2013

nursery progress

Since wed. is the usually "baby day" when I turn one week further into the pregnancy and I put up my weekly pregnancy update I thought it would be a good day to show how max's room is progressing.  It is not finished but I have made some changes since the last update which was a while ago.  So here is the current state of the nursery.  
This is the changing table area.  I have the changing pad hooked up, the baby books on the shelf, and all the clothes are washed and sorted by age into baskets with little tags marking the ages they fit.
Some one has claimed this as his napping domain and he spends most of his day there napping.  (he is in for a rude awakening in roughly 70 days when max is here and this is no longer acceptable)
This is the area where the crib will go under the decals in the corner.  Right now all the stuff is stored in there but the swing will be upstairs and bouncy and the rock and play will be in our room by our bed.  We will be fixing up a way in that corner also to hand some of the clothes.

This is the crib we ordered and will be here some time in the next week.  I researched until my eyes were crooked and this is the one we went with.  We opted for the 4 in 1 convertible.  So this crib will go from crib to toddler bed to day bed to double bed.  When it will look like this..
It makes a nice sleigh type bed.  So this little bug will be sleeping in this sucker through college if I have any thing to say about it.  I am very excited for this to be here and up so I can feel like the room is ready.  I will only have one thing left to complete after that.  

The rocker will stay and get plenty of use I am sure. 

My makeup and nail stuff will be staying as well as my sewing machine and drafting table.  So one wall will stay for my stuff. 

My hair, nail. makeup brushes are on the lazy Suzan.
I got this acrylic nail polish rack off amazon last week.  It is perfect and I love it.  It holds all my polishes and doesn't take up a ton of space and is clear so it is unobtrusive.  I love it and the shop I mailed from was awesome affordable and I had it almost a week before it was expected!  Love that.

Well I need to shower and get myself in gear because I need to take my weekly update picture and it is library day and the kids are all of me to go.  But first things first this prego needs some lunch!  Have a good day guys.

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