Saturday, June 22, 2013

Whats in my beach bag

  I wanted to share with you guys my beach bag essentials. These are things I have to have no matter if I am at the pool or the beach. 

 Okay first off always but esp. now since I am prego I need a huge amount of hydration .  Being dehydrated is very bad for you when you are pregnant.  So a huge bottle of water.  Some magazines to catch up on,  a hat to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes and a good pair of sunnies.  Since I have blue eyes they are esp. sensitive and I will totally get a headache if I don't have a good pair of sunnies to protect them.
 I always keep lots of sunblock in the bag for me and my babes.  I know kids look cute tan but a sunburn when you are young ups their chances of skin cancer when older.  So I take special care of their skin for them now because they don't know but it will pay off when they are older and have nice skin.  So I have 3 sun screens in the bag.  A stick for their faces and touch ups, and a good water/sweat proof spf for their bodies, The spray we are using up. I don't prefer it because I find the wind catches it and you tend to miss spots and get burned spots.  I have gone back to old school lotion might be more of a pain in the butt but I know I got everywhere. Don't forget your lips keep a good spf lippie in your bag.   I also have some yummy body wash and shampoo to shower off after swimming laps and what not. 
 Now some more after water musts to keep are the equate after sun cool lime lotion.  I love love love it! It smells great and feels great after being in the sun.  (keep it in your fridge) I always keep Organix coconut milk (I had to change out the bottle because my pump broke.) and tangle spray.  These too smell great and will leave your hair shinny and smooth after beach or pool.  I have a tangle teazer too this is the best thing EVER.  It is a must for tangly hair.
So those are my beach bag must haves no matter if you are going to pool or beach these are essentials.
What are your musts in your beach bag?  Leave me a comment I would love to know :) 

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