Tuesday, June 25, 2013

goodbye red dragon hello wally..

 Well probably 31/2 years ago my hubby bought a 89 horizon off a buddy and he used that as his work car until about a month ago when it died for good.  We called it the red dragon (like Will Ferrells car in old school because isn't quiet street legal lol). My hubby loved it.  It was actually pretty fun to drive.  It treated us well pretty much never broke down I think we put less then 50$ into it the whole time we owned it but alas its frame snapped and broke the break line, turning it into a virtual death traps sooo... R.i.p. red dragon.
Today we got its replacement.. meet wally.  Wally is a straight up econoline van. 

 Complete with the bench seat in back that turns into a bed and a table lol..
 Second row is two captains chairs that can face forward or backward.
 A sweet wooden console and the little slots that are meant to hold cassette tapes are a perfect fit to hold our phones how funny is that!!

 It doesn't have a sliding door but the dual opening door (which I would much MUCH prefer to a sliding door those are a pain in the butt.)
 The inside is in great condition we will have to give it a good shampooing just because it sat a while but other then that we shined it up and it is good to go.  My hubby being the man that he is will be taking wally to the car wash and then waxing him.  Me I took down the curtains and threw then in the wash...where they promptly disintegrated!!!  Eeek.  So I will be looking for some new fabric to sew curtains for it (prolly be cuter anyway) and I am thinking there is allot of wood in here that could use some sprucing up ;)

 My brother (there is 18 years between us so I grew up with his kids who were my age) had a van like this when I was growing up and I went on many a road trip and camping trip and later in life partied in a van just like this.  There are soo many great memories of that van and I think its great my girls will have the same. The girls are in love with this they think it is the funniest thing EVER! They haven't rode in the same seat twice and its hilarious that neither of them know what a actual cigarette lighter or ash tray is for lol.  You can tell they didn't grow up with Papa Ted around (my dad who died of lung cancer). I think Wally is hilarious and fun.  :) 

Don't get me wrong this won't be our every day vehicle because it would cost us a small fortune in gas.  but it is soo much fun and a great side vehicle.  For day to day use I will still be driving the silver bullet (our saturn ion)  I know our gas savings from hyvee are going to go to filling up this big boy and not the saturn and its little 12 gallon tank!  Anyway It is going to be a blast today we are taking this out for a ride to the local pool with a gf and her daughter. 

I can't wait to take load  this bad boy up wtih munchies and take him to the drive inn theater! Maybe we will even take a fun over night camping trip since the back turns into a bed I might be able to manage that in my getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the day pregnant circumstance. We will have to see I only have one month left to travel so would have to be quick.  Have a good day guys.

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