Friday, June 28, 2013

top 10 drugstore products under $10

Okay we all know I love me some drug store make up.  I like good make up though and I won't waste my time and money on things that aren't worth it.  I have some gems here for you to pick up next time you are in the store.
1. There are a ton of good long wearing foundations that are under 10$ at the drug store depending on what you like in a foundation or your skin type.  I have dry to combo skin and I like a satin finish.  The favorite long wearing full coverage make up I have found to give me what I want is maybelline super stay.  It is just under 10$ and it gives me flawless satin finish. 

2. I have some major under eye circles.  I have allergies hereditary and not getting good sleep from a getting bigger by the minute baby belly.!!  I have got some business to cover let me tell you!  So if it does the trick for me it is good stuff.  I like covergirl +olay ageless concealer.  Now I like this for under eyes because it doesn't make my under eyes look dry or wrinkly.  I wouldn't so much use it for break outs I don't have a big problem with acne but it works well for under eyes. (my problem area)
 3. e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder.  This is a dupe for the nars laguna/ orgasm duo.  I love this, especially when I am traveling light you have your bronzer and blush in one little set.  Best of all this is $3 instead of the $41 for the nars set!  Can't beat that. Their other blushes are good too but this is just a extra great deal since it is 2 for 1.
 4.  Okay this is technically two products but you can get both for under $10 and since I have blushes and bronzers I had to share a highlighter too.  Wet and Wilds blushes are amazing!!   They are pigmented so be careful, a little goes a long way.  When I apply then I tap my brush on the blush tap it off then tap it on the back of my hand before I carefully apply it to my cheeks.  They run 3$ and Pearlesant pink is a dupe for nars laguna also :) Now the big guy there is wet and wild reserve your cabana.  It is $3 also and it is a great highlighter.  It isn't glittery but leaves a nice candle lit sheen.  It is a dupe for the balms mary lumanizer.  You get a ton of product for 3$ too.
5.  My go to brozer it is amazing not muddy and I use it to contour pretty much every single day and have had it for over 6 months and haven't hit pan!!  it is a great matte brozer and runs 2.99! Great deal.

 6. Now if you know me I have eye brow issues.  Mine are way too light I tint them but they are also sparse so I have to fill them in every day so you can see them.  My favorite brow pencil lately is a drug store product that can be purchase at walmart for $5.  It is the brow pencil from flower (Drew Barrymores brand)  I love this one it is retractable and it has great staying power It doesn't come off even in the most humid weather until I use make up remover at night.

7. Now on to one of my all time favorite make up products to use and buy.. eye shadow.  Eye shadow can make or break a look.  I always plan my eyes and then build around them.  The best drug store eye shadows bar none...(and if you would have asked me even a year ago I would have said you were nuts) are wet and wild. They are great GREAT quality.  The singles are like $1, the trios are $3, and the biggest ones I have pictured here run just $5.  I love them and wear then 90 percent of the time.  They are super pigmented and you can't go wrong with them.  I always use a base under (wither it is elf $1 eyeshadow primer or a cream eye shadow) but they last all day and are amazing.  Give them a shot you won't be sorry ;)
8.  On to great bases or cream shadows Maybelline 24 hour tattoos are amazing.  They are just as good as macs paint pots and last all day with out creasing.  They make great shadows to wear to the pool and amazing bases.  They have tons of great colors and I use them all the time.  They run around $8
 9. Best pencil liners are by far in my book remmil scandaleyes liners.  You can get them for around 4.49 but they ALWAYS have coupons out for a buck off that!  They are creamy waterproof and last all day long.  When I use them on my lower lash line they don't bleed and give me panda eyes and they are good on the waterline.  I love the nude for the water line to brighten my eyes.
 10.  This is a new holy grail for summer because it is waterproof and it stays put even at the pool I don't lose the wing on the end of my liner!.  It is milani eye tech eyeliner!  I am in love with this thing.  The shape of it is like the new L'Oreal one which is really great for the line but this formula is WAY better.  I love it.  If you don't care about waterproof or staying power I suggest the jordana fabuliner it is about 2$ and works well but this is my fav by far.
There you have it my top ten drug store products under 10$.  I added it up and you can get all ten items (including a wet and wild blush and the tiki bronzer) for around 60$ ha that is just a bit more then the one nars duo.  I love all of these products and use most of them every single day.  Let me know if you have any products you recommend or if you give any of these a try:) 

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