Friday, June 21, 2013

new haircut/maternity ootd

Okay So I got my haircut a few days ago and I didn't post until today because I didn't style it at all until today.  I went with TONS of thinning, and layers and trimming it.  I feel much better. 

 I went with a swoop bang (I always redo my front angle and bang myself when I get home because no one quiet gets it how I want ) I am a pro don't cut your own hair people.
 It looks a bit shorter then it really is since it is curled.
 Here is the view from the back.

For make up I used Eyes: w&w limited edition nude awakenings palette, milani waterproof liquid eye pen, almay get up and grow waterproof mascara, maybelline 24 hour foundation, nyc sunny bronzer, nyx Bourgeois pig blush, and remmil airy fairy lipstick.
As for maternity outfit of the day I am wearing a maxi dress from walmart, and a bubble necklace from shop lately (I have two more coming and would have liked to wear one of them but they don't come until tomorrow) 
Here is another lovely view lol.
 Well Monkey butt has her opening day of disneys beauty and the beast today so she wanted her hair and most of her makeup done early so that it wasn't such a rush today.  She looks super cute today in her cute summer outfit.  Those shorts I did with the eyelet lace trim last year are still a huge fav. around this house. :) Here is the tutorial on how to make them :)
 Well I am off to find some lunch for my ladies and get our day moving :)  Have a good day guys.

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