Friday, June 15, 2012

diy eyelet jean shorts

Okay so I saw this pic on pinterest and got a brilliant idea for all my girls jeans that either were high waters or had worn holes in the knees. 

I went to walmart (we don't have much in my small town for supplies) and they have a few different cute eyelet laces and I bought a yard of two different kinds (not bad at roughly 1.27 a yard) then I cut there jeans roughly 2'' from the in seam.  I folded the jeans twice to make a cuff then I pinned it all the way around while pinning the lace to the inside and I sewed two different seams one close to the right edge with my needle to the right while lining the bottom of the cuff up with the right side of my pressure foot then one more with the needle to the left with the cuff lining up with my foot on the left side.
  I love the way these turned out and I am sure the girls are going to get lots of wear out of these cute little shorts.
 They both tossed them on and I am pretty sure I am going to have to make more or risk fighting to get them off them long enough to throw them into the wash.

 This is about as much cooperation I have got out of fire monster all day (which clearly is none)  Meh oh well off to try to do a few chores before the ever convenient trip to meet the ex for his visitation with monkey butt.  

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