Monday, June 25, 2012

My new kitchen table refurb in all her glory

 Okay so last week when I was at gw there was a table there that me and Pat both thought had potential we went home laying in bed regretting not getting it. Then both mentioned it the next day.  So I said I would go back and if it was there it was meant to be.  Well it was so I paid for it yesterday then went straight to Menards to pick out paint!!

Here she is in all her 5$ glory!!!  Not much to look at right.  Think that is bad check this out...

No I didn't carve that in there!!!  I don't know who john is and I don't care what his sexual preference is lol. little extra sanding over that area lol.

Okay so this is where my inspiration came from..
The paint colors I picked were lake superior (again), vanilla custard, and bulldog!!  Here she is in her glory

I sanded a bit just to rough it up so the paint would adhere better.  They primed painted and boom.

I am in love I can't wait for my hubby to help me drag her in tomorrow.

The more furniture I do the more I realize me and my hubby do NOT have the same taste.  He says "It doesn't even match".   Ha good thing I am the one who makes these decisions.

Here are her legs.  It took me like 2 hours to get done sweating it out in the garage.  I love it soo much.  Now I just need to decide what to do with the old table.

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