Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pallet Adirondack Bench/life lessons learned from deadliest catch :)

So Here is is my beautiful lake superior blue pallet Adirondack bench.  My hubby built it for me a few weeks ago.
 My girl friend /neighbor Pat said she saw him sweating away in the garage working on it on that hot day and thought "He must really love her!"  I informed her it was more of a bribe to get me to stay at my mother in laws lol.  But what ever works I got the pallet bench I have been begging for since last summer. 

I sanded it last week.  Today me ans monkey butt went to good old manerds and got some outdoor primer and had them mix me up a beautiful batch of outdoor semi gloss lake superior blue. I love it.  the cute little dragon fly is from Pat it is made out of silverware :)  I also put little solar powered lights out around the back too.  Now after a long day of cleaning organizing swimming and painting I am curled up knitting and watching deadliest catch (my fav).  

Since you all know my love of deadliest catch and rough and tumble crab fishing men I had to share this.  My hubby's finger got smashed by a truck door today and he had to use something learned from good ole Keith.  Like when Moi smashed his finger and Keith heat up a needle and stabbed it through the nail to release the pressure my hubby did the same !!!  (he used a drill bit though).  Just another lovely life lesson we learned from deadliest catch.  

When we took the kids to the pool while I swam my laps for my lazy mans triathlon with out fail anyone who got with in a foot of him hit his poor finger!  )Poor guy.  But it Moi can crab fish he can swim at the ymca lol.  I did get in 9 laps today!!  Some of them were even swam with out hanging off the side of the pool panting like a half drowned rat ,before I could make it back across, like every single time last try lol.  I actually made 2 entire laps in a row before that had to happen lol.  Now I am beat and have to go to bed.  Fyi my triathlon tallies at this point is : swam 16/86 laps, ran 2.77/26.2 miles, bike 9/95 miles

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