Sunday, June 3, 2012

How a innocent trip the the inlaws turned into a vicious animal attack and a alleged body in our trunk!!!

 So It was a very very long weekend and I have plenty of stories to share there was laughing crying and yes no weekend at the in-laws would be complete with not one but 2 run ins with the law!!!
Lets start at the beginning...
Well we got up and after calling a truce on world war 3 in our house all over staying at the mother in-laws for the first time in two years since a attempted (and failed) intervention.  We compromised and set off to spend the first night at my husbands grandmas.  Grandma skeels is the grandma we all know and adore.  We picked monkey butt up at her dads and went on our way.  

We always stop at Lark Toys on our way to Grandmas house it is a tradition because Bens grandpa Skeels  used to take the kids there. 

 here is the kids being silly out side.  You go inside and there is a huge HUGE toy store with a carousel inside.  
 The kids love to ride the hand carved carousel I grabbed a few pics like this boar.
 monkey butt on the otter.
 the gold  fish
Fire monster is on the dragon with the wizard.  We rode grabbed some ice cream and then went to grandmas had roccos pizza with aunt sheila and uncle Paul (we love the skeels and look forward to catching up with that side of the family allot)   We went home and crashed out at grandmas.  We listened to the high school band practice the next day then got on the road for the graduation party.

We had a sorta stiff first day but made it through the night and went to bed in our tent on the ground (no air mattress) .  It wasn't as bad as I thought I tossed and turned allot because of just being uncomfortable but wasn't as sore as I thought I would be.  We got up I bought donuts for everyone then we sat down and were watching my sister in laws senior video.  

Goober the dog was laying on the ground.  Fire monster walked by and he out of no where for no reason jumped up and bit her!!  She fell over he who has always been skittish and has been known to nip didn't stop.  He jumped on top of her and stared attacking her face . Not a bite but the full our attack  My husband ran and grabbed the dog off her, and I ran for her.  Now this my friends is where time slowed because I didn't know what damage was done to my daughter.  (My nephews whole lower lip/jaw was ripped off by a dog)  there was blood and a hole in her cheek roughly the size of a nickle.

Thank god it was feet from us and not a ways away in the huge yard because he easily could have killed her!!! My husband being a man reacted with anger and was yelling at me that we had to get her to the e.r.  I kept my cool some how grabbed my purse( we would need insurance cards what not) and some paper towel for the blood.  My sis in law (who is a nurse) was just pulling in she jumped in the car with us and we drove half hour to the nearest e.r.  I kept my cool this pic of after the first cleaning and we got the hair off all the blood. 

She wound up with 4 stitches and some other superficial bites.  but this is where the first run in with the law happened because all dog attacks are reported to the sheriffs dept. which didn't go over amazing with the in-laws but it is what it is. We also found out that monkey butt who we didn't even think to consult before leaving and saw all of this take place was hysterical while we were gone!

We went back and got ready for graduation.  I kept feeling like I was getting low blood sugar but I think it was my body going insane and all of that finally hitting me.  I was nauseous and shaking and kept bursting into tears.   but we got my sister in law graduated and made the best of it.
Here is the two mother hens loving on bens new nephew baby william.  We had the party and I even got to sneak off and steal a few kisses on the swinging bench where me and my hubby shared our first kiss. 

Then went got up crammed all of our stuff back in the car drove 4 hours to pick up my nephew calvin found by the grace of god just enough room to fit his stuff in the trunk. We got about a hour out from there and  fire monster started to complain she was thirsty.  Ben pulled off the road opened the trunk grabbed a water bottle from the cooler then threw cals bag back in and slammed the trunk quick before it could fall back out.  We were just one town out from there going down a steep hill my hubby was complaining

 " sure I get stuck behind a guy with a horse trailer, a guy pulling a trailer, a guy in a camper, and two blue hairs we are never going to get home...and now there is a cop behind us!"

Now my friends this is when then lights came on...never good but we pulled over.  So starts run in # 2 !!!  

Now we know we clearly we weren't speeding and there should have been a warning sign when the officers hand was on his gun as he walked up to my husbands side of the vehicle!!  He asked to see my hubbys license.  Fine, handed that over.  He asked where we were coming from.  We told him.  Where we were headed.  We told him that to.  He asked if we had just passed through belle plaine.  Yup we had,  He ran the hubby has not a ticket to his name... He walked back ,and this is where it gets weird this is what he said :
"Sir the reason I pulled you over is that we got a call that some one saw you shove a body in your trunk."

We looked at each other and burst out laughing. I said we couldn't fit a body in there if we tried.  My hubby explained that he had just got our daughter a water out of the trunk.  The went back he looked through the trunk sure enough the family of 5 crammed into the Saturn ion had only a enormous amount of dirty laundry and camping equipment!!!

Ha this is calvins " no bodies here officer look"  Ha I thought we were going to die laughing .  so at least that woke us up the the rest of the two hours we had to drive home!!!  I can only imagine what the poor over imaginative person behind us (who clearly watches too much 48 hours mistery) was thinking the whole time driving behind us worried that we had a body in our trunk!!!

What a weekend.  So concludes another trip down the rabbit hole that is my ins-laws lol never a dull moment!  Well I am off to put all these monkeys to bed so that I can sleep in my super soft (not the hard ground ) mattress in my nice cool dark room!


  1. Oh man! What an eventful weekend! At least you can look back on it now and kind of laugh!! Not a weekend to forget in a while. Hope your girl heals quickly. XOX

  2. Ouch. Fire Monster's face looks pretty rough. Hope all is well and the dog is up to date with rabies shots. And don't forget the tetanus for Fire Monster!

    What an adventure, though. Surely something the family will remember (and hopefully laugh about).