Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well I am back to being a stay at home mom.  I am being bought out of the store and stepping down to be a vendor.  I have been kept busy that is for sure because I have my nephew calvin for two weeks and it has been a rough one.  I am no stranger to autism or being around it on a daily basis but like most kids I certainly see some unsavory behaviors he has picked up during the school year.  but I love the guy and we will all get through not everything is cupcakes and roses eh?  

I have been enjoying having time to do things I love that always get pushed to the sidelines.  I have been reading (and not just audio books while I multitask) but real books with pages.  I have a clean house with all my laundry clean!  I have been doing some things that I keep putting on the back burner like my sweet and lovely hubby made me this great adarondak pallet bench that I sanded yesterday and will be priming and painting soon.

I have a big batch of cold press coffee straining on the counter for a treat when the hubby gets home in a few hours(my recipe I use for that which I got working very well known cofffee chain is here ).  I took a pic to show you guys the way I have found it is easiest to strain.  I use my ice tea jug and put my reusable coffee filter in the top.  (its a perfect fit) 

I also joined a lazy (should be called busy) moms triathlon with some lovely mommies here in town.  The goal is to swim 2.4 miles run/ walk /whatever 26.2 miles and bike 112 miles.  I am jumping the gun a few days and started today by running (part of my running will actually be on the elliptical or my planters faciatis  will kill me) 2.1 miles and biked 8 miles.   So I have got it started :) 

Other then that my crafting mojo is at a low for the moment. I did start some socks for monkey butt last night.  I am enjoying knitting for the sheer joy of it and not having it be a job project.  :)  I am thinking I might even get to make it to a knit group!!! I even watched a entire movie (water for elephants) with out knitting!!!!  I know wth!!  I love the movie and mooched the book on book mooch.  If you haven't heard bookmooch it is a site where you list your books you are done with and ready to part with people can request them. You then mail them the books you earn points for doing both the inventory and mailing and you use those points to mooch books from people.  I have got a few books this way.  Not always the best but free books wth.  You can also put books on your wish list and they alert you when someone puts them up for dibs.  Anyway I am off to hit the shower before my hubby gets home so I can enjoy a nice cold press with him when he gets home.  sorry for random post had lots of random things to fit in lol.

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