Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Before and after kitchen table

Okay so I know I showed you this already but lets back track and let me show you the before pic again.  Notice the worn spots and the there is also a hole and a spot where someone carved what I can only assume are rumors about a man named john in the one corner.   So here is where we were at...

and this my friends is where we have ended up.  I am so in love with this table.  It makes me smile when ever I look at it. :)  Soooo Glad my friend Pat gave me second thoughts about heading back to the gw for this 5$ beauty.  Who would have thunk huh.(ps please ignore my hideous linoleum we rent so was not my choice!)

I will be redoing my chairs in off white to match and also reupholstering them.  (they were my first projects so clearly I know how to do things better now).
I am thrilled with the way this turned out and know it will keep a smile on my face for quiet some time.   So now that I am done gushing over my lovely new table I have something else to share.  I wrote a post over 2 years ago about my birthday and receiving this...

Well at long last I have seen the movie!!!  It was good but I would say very little that was in the movie was in the book.  I would compare it to true blood and the southern vampire book series.  The main theory is the same but pretty much everything else is different.    Both are great I do think I enjoyed the historical part of the book better but the movie was filmed beautifully and I enjoyed it very much too.  Well I need to head to bed so I can have time to snuggle my hubby before he is off to work :) Gotta love the over night shift!  On the plus side he is back home not to long after I wake up and I get to spend most of the day with him :)

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