Thursday, June 14, 2012

diy shirt redo/ diy dress,

So Monkey butt and I were messing around on pinterest before bed (never a good idea lol) and next thing you know we are up sewing away half the night trying tutorials.  First one that we did was this one that made a t you weren't maybe in love with into a cute tank. 

 I took this feed my starving children t that I love and monkey butt never wears and we altered it.  She chose to make it tie on both shoulders and we added some bright beads for a fun summery touch :)
 Then messing around this morning I found this great tutorial by mimi g.  I whipped up this great little dress/skirt and it is super basic since I am very novice at sewing.  I love it though.  super comfy.
 It hits just below my knees as a dress and ankle  length for a skirt.  
I think this will be one I will wear quiet a bit this summer.  :)  Thanks Mimi G
I also made a few of my shirts into tanks like I did monkey butts.  Like a t from the autism 5 k, the t from the roller derby, and a shirt I got and never wear.  Maybe I will share those in another post when I have less of a handful hanging around my house lol.  I also want to do a tutorial on how I have been curling my hair heat free.  I love it and have been doing it and it alone for over a month now!  but more on that another day.  I have to clean up lunch and pack a bag for the pool.  (today is swimming day for the triathlon)  My hubby will be watching all the kiddos in the pool and me and my gf/neighbor Sam will be attempting to swim laps near by in the lap pool.  We will see how this goes.

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  1. I really like the picture of you with the skirt, t-shirt and belt - the belt cinches your waist and shows off your curves - very pin up! oooh la la