Sunday, June 17, 2012

monkey butts owlie socks

So being sorta lost now that I am not pumping things out for the shop I sorta feel in limbo.  I have been reading but my knitting mojo was missing for a few days.  Me and monkey butt sat down one night and picked a pattern she wanted.  She chose owlie socks.   Then we went down stair dug through my stash in the girl cave and picked out yarn.  It is kertzer bambo I believe.  Which was super soft and good to work with. 
 The bead size isn't exactly what it called for but it is what I had on hand.
Also if you look I messed up on the first owls horns and did the cables backwards each.  Oops lol I figure oh well I wasn't going to rip back for it. 

I am a process knitting not a project knitter.  I love the process and I don't think that every things needs to be perfect that isn't realistic lol.  Now I am trying to decide what to knit next.  Do you guys have anyway you decide what your next project will be?  I hate the feeling of not knowing what to work on now and I get stumped. I would love for you guys to share :)


  1. Those socks look wonderful - and the beads make them extra fun!

    I am blown by the winds of whimsy in choosing projects. Birthday, Christmas, and other gifts pop to the top as time grows near. I knit a lot of baby stuff (and it's just what strikes me as cute), because it's fast and easy and you get to try cute patterns or fun yarns. Sooner or later, I expect to be able to gift these to grandbabies.

    The non-kid stuff I knit is limited. Usually shawls or lacy scarfs. I surf Ravelry daily to check out new patterns and add to faves or queue. Of course, I have something like 1400 faves and 650 items in my queue!

    Don't forget, winter comes mighty quick in Minnesota. Maybe you want to knit some cute hat/mitten sets?

  2. good point amy I am finishing my socks I started this winter then I have cals birthday So some body is low on crazy socks :) I have 2 planned :)