Tuesday, June 5, 2012

grandmas suitcases

 Hey I had to share one of my new projects.  I love vintage suitcases and I have refurbished a few when we were on the crazy trip before we went down the rabbit hole that is my mils house we visited grandma skeels.  She gave me 5 vintage suit cases.  So I am thinking I may be putting some of my other ones up for dibs and keeping these sentimental family ones.  I love this one it is itty bitty and perfect for a kids size but it does have some stains inside.  It also has gmas address in permanent marker lol
 These aren't entirely dry yet but I had to take some pics to share

Here is the great little train case she handed down!!!  I love it. The girls used it to hold all their stuff to play with in the car on the road trip :)

 It is still wet all the white stuff will be clear when it is done :)  I love it I have another one drying that is going to the shop too :)  well off to bed tomorrow is back to work for me :)

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