Monday, November 22, 2010

darining day...

Well today is darning day at my house. It is seeming about twice a year I notice parts of my socks wearing thin or god for bid... get a hole. I also have to ambush my husband a few times by this point and peel the socks off his feet because he never warns me that his socks are wearing thin knowing it will probably be a while before i darn them and return them to him so he wears them anyway. Then I notice he has a hole and rip them away anyway. My sister was not wearing her socks and I asked why and she said they were getting thin she didn't want to ruin them so I grabbed hers and brought them home telling her that I would rather have some one wear something I made them until it had holes then not wear it at all.

So between the hubby's socks , my sisters, and mine I was darning socks from about 10:00 am until 3:00 pm They are all done and I have my favorite pairs of socks back. I am very excited.

My hubby gets back his 2 malabrigo socks that he loves soo much. Well I have actual chores around here to do and people to feed and I really need some afternoon cocoa to get me going. :) but tomorrow I am going to give you some great hand made gift ideas for Christmas. Some knit and some not. :) Well off I go


  1. Now I'm all curious. How on earth do you darn socks?

  2. lol I have a whole turotail posted on my blog. If you look at the side on popular posts it is always there. I have to do it about twice a year