Sunday, November 7, 2010

Green dress redo..

Okay so a while back I bought this dress at the local thrift store and was waiting for inspiration to strike on how to redo it.(that and my sister to share her sewing machine but that will never happen so I decided to make do) So it had potential but was a bit too boxy But I loved the pockets for sure.

So I took of the sleeves to give it the cute round sleeveless neck line and I took it in at the waist got a cute ribbon to sew on as a belt. and a iron on owl for the bottom.

all in all I am really happy with the out come I still go back and forth with shortening to the bottom of the owl for a cute mini with leggings look right now it hits right at the knee and has a little sewn detail that matches the neck line I would just fold it up inside and stitch it a few times to keep it up so I could put it back if I wanted . Let me know your opinions :)
here is a quickie picture with it folded under to show a example it is sorta a long tunic thing then that I would wear with leggings and maybe could even pull off with jeans :) ignore the fact that the ribbon is bunched up here ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hard to see hem detail in the photos, so it looks cuter hemmed up to the owl (IMO) Cute idea with the neckline - you are *so* creative!