Thursday, November 11, 2010

ovaries suck...

So today instead of a heart felt entry about my fire monster turning 3 and what a joyous day it was 3 years ago today it all got over shadowed by my stinkin ovaries. To be more exactly the cyst that decided to burst on my stinking ovaries. I Know what you are thinking seriously this woman has more medical crud flying around this blog then webmd. What the heck is going on with my family right now seriously.
So I got up and went pee quick so firemonster could open some gifts and I could go take care of the sis in law. Well I was mid stream when Sharp pain started it was horrible. I got up it kept going a sharp awful pain on the lower right side of my belly. I couldn't get into my Doctor until 10:30 I wasn't going to last that long so to the e.r. I went. I staired at this picture for a long time..

Worst ever. It says "are you a survivor of sexual violence" but the supposed rap victim looks like she is dreaming of cup cakes , fuzzy kittens, and prom dates. What is that all about?? That was when my mean cranky old nurse came in to give me a i.v.


You can't see the puffiness in this picture. She tried the wrist I was wrathing in pain already then she was digging in my arm with a needle the size of a pinky as I yelled. I was dying. So she lost that needle. So then went for the top of the hand (the most pain full spot to get a i.v.) and I was even worse she got it but then had to cram and un cram the needles to get the blood that apparently plays hide and seek in my arm. All of this is going on with out my hubby because they didn't let him come back yet. So she finally says (in a not nice tone I might add)" Well I am going to have to quit since you are in so much pain and they are just going to have to stick you again anyway but if I keep going we are just going to loose this vein too." As though my first vein not working was my fault and that the pain was my fault too. I looked at her tears streaming down my face and said" I am sorry but this is not my fault. "

Then she goes out to the nursing station and I hear them all talking about me "what was going on in there with all the screaming?" "Oh I know " said my nurse like I could hear her eyes rolling. I just wanted to cram that needle in her repeatedly and see how lovely she felt. I got pain meds mellowed out had my cat scan and I have a burst ovarian cyst. I have never felt pain like that since I was in full blow labor. Yikes. So I cam back doped up to high heaven. The hubby cooked lunch for the sister in law and did some chores for her while I slept on the couch. I spent some of the afternoon napping on the bathroom floor. My sisters have the girls and I am going to take my pain meds My bff Missy from down the block brought me some subway and benadryl (since I am itchy from meds) I am going to watch tv and sleep

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear this. Some nurses aren't the angels that most are... sorry you got one like that. I found the best blood-takers to be the lab guys. Got it first time, every time - and never a pinch or anything!
    What can they do for a burst ovarian cyst? Just give pain meds?
    (BTW - Happy Birthday to the fire monster.)