Sunday, November 14, 2010


So yesterday I woke up to this...
about 8'' of snow and we had Fire monsters bday party and me and the ladies always throw dinner in the crock pot then head out to a huge craft fair here in town. Well we went out had a good time and when we got home I saw the plow company was working on our drive way around out ton of guests car. Since my hubby used to plow I thought I would be polite and ask if they would like us to move our vehicles for them. I stepped out of the car waved to make sure the guy in the bob cat saw me...
That bob cat to be exact. And then he waved back opened his window and I asked him he said that would be great they would be done in 5 minutes I looked up as a guy got out of one of the plow trucks.. He proceeded to walk straight up into my space bubble so we were face to face and scream in my face "DON'T YOU EVER F*&^ING WALK UP TO A BOB CAT!!! HE WILL F@$%ING KILL YOU!!! " I was shocked I said" I am sorry I made sure he saw me before I walked up."

Angry man from plow:" I DON'T F#$%ING*(& CARE. "
still in shock I said"You don't need to fing talk to me that way"
angry plow man "YEAH I F@#$ING DO. "

I looked at my sisters who were getting out of the car in a snit at this point Lawna in true coward fashion abandoned ship and went for the house my sisters were gearing up for a fight but I said "no forget it leave your stuff where ever" Bernie was chasing him (slowly as to not pull her stitches out lol) "Excuse me sir ...excuse me". But my sisters got her under each elbow and lugged her into the house. As we heard angry plow man yell at his employee :"DON'T YOU EVER F@#$%ING STOP AGAIN...

So by this point the girls are in the house my hubby was intercepted on his way out of the house pulling his boots on to kick some mean guy butt and I drug him back in and I finished cooking dinner for the 16 family members through frustrated tears after all I was just being polite for god sake.

So the moral of the story is High profile sucks never ever ever pay them for their services. They are rude disrespectful and scream at and threaten mothers at their 3 year olds birthday party. I will be making calls on Monday to my association and maintenance company.

Other then that I am exhausted and going to take curl and and watch some deadliest catch because I have had enough excitement for one weekend thank you very much.
It is Monday and I have just heard from the plow company apologising. We will see what they do to handle this. Any one I know who would talk to a customer that way would be fired instantly
It is tuesday and I heard from Dean at High Profile again. He was very apologetic and polite. Assured me he would be talking with the crew at our site and making sure that nothing like this would happen ever again. He made sure I had his cell number in case we had any emergencies over the winter or anything else should arise. He was very professional and polite. It made me feel allot better to know that this is not what this company stands for and I made sure to let him know that the bob cat driver should get a pat on the back because he was sure to look out for me and very polite and respectful when I did have a question. :)

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