Saturday, November 27, 2010

more christmas present ideas

Okay I have two exciting things to share with you before I show the gift ideas.
Exciting thing #1 is my sisters and brother got me the sewing machine I wanted for Christmas. (after allot of begging and waiting outside of walmart at 12:00 midnight and racing all the other ladies out there lol)

Thing #2 is monkey butt is now big enough to pain nails for me!!! woohoo. She did a great job with this hot pink she did a base coat 2 color coats and a top coat. Then when mean was over thanksgiving night between stores she put the zebra stripes on!!! aren't they cute?

Okay so on to the projects.
project # 1 cute dry erase board Here is a great on I did this for my wall. I got this cute frame at Joann's for 3$ black Friday. Brought it home took the paper out and added some cute scrap booking paper inside and then it didn't' hang so inside before I put the back on I hot glued the ribbon to hang it:) It is my dry erase menu board in my kitchen :)

Project #2 yummy moisturizing bath salts

this one you need Epsom salts (good for sore muscles), powdered milk (helps sooth and moisturize skin) and either essential oils or your favorite body spray or bubble bath.

mix the milk and salts 2 parts salt to 1 part milk and then mix a bit of your sent choice in.. there you go a great relaxing gift for a lady..

Project # 3 draw string bag

these are great project bags. Sew up the sides of the fabric leaving 1 1/2 '' for the top seam and then fold over and sew across leaving a lip to run your ribbon through. I used a needle with the ribbon and two pieces running them all the way through in opposite directions and then tied knots and run a flame across the ends of the ribbon so it wont fray..

Aren't they cute..

Project #4 rice bags

You need fabric rice (you can also use corn feed, or fennel seed) and some herbal tea for scent (sleepy time tea works great)

fold over and sew the top seam then sew the two longer sides I did two seams on each side (we don't want any leaks lol) and then fill 3/4 way with the mixture you put together and sew the top seam shut. :) These are great for headaches or really great for allergies or sinus infections 1 1/2 minutes to 2 minutes in the microwave. :) Great for tummy aches or sore backs too if you make bigger ones. :)

there are my some of my favorite projects for Christmas presents that are non-knit.
But just to get a knitting fix in here is my newest f.o.

It is another hat for my etsy shops ..

feel free to go on there and check it out or even cheat and pick it up for a Christmas present :) have a great weekend guys

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