Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So I was talking about starting some infant size cupcake hats to throw up on my etsy account and my sister said I should knit up some for American girl dolls to match the child size. This is what I came up with...

It is on monkey butts kit doll
This is the top view..

Here is fire monster and kit modeling

Doesn't she look happy as a clam :) too cute. They are up on my etsy one set has already sold and they haven't even been up 24 hours ! :)
Here are some other hand made goodies I thought I would share with you that I have picked up lately. These are re-useable baggies. They are sorta a wind breakery material on the inside and have a Velcro closure. Monkey butt loves hers but my hubby said his bread got hard (but in all fairness he does make his sandwich the night before and it may even have been for his second job which wouldn't have got ate until the next evening) But they are great for other snackies or even a cute little bag to keep some stuff in in your purse or diaper bag or whatever :) They were a etsy purchase

This I picked up at the craft fair for fire monster bday. I have always called her the cupcake baby and bought her things with cupcakes on them since before she was born.

This was another thing I picked up at the fair. It is a headband but it is adjustable and has little Velcro tabs on the back side to keep it from sliding out :)

I thought it would be great for the girls (and maybe me upon occasion) So many cute headbands don't adjust small enough for tiny heads like my little fire monsters and even then they seem to slide off. So this works pretty good.

Here is the monkey butt sporting it while busy coloring this afternoon. Well I am going to get some knitting done quick and put the heat pack back on my belly which is in a state of turmoil trying to get all of the stuff back to normal inside itself :( My hubby's last day at mosquito control is tomorrow and that is great for you guys as I am sure I will have lots of hilarious stories to tell about his shenanigans but bad for the pocket book. But I will sure love to wake up warm in bed with him wed. morning in our already getting Arctic tundra :) Night every body

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