Tuesday, November 23, 2010

quick easy knitted christmas gift ideas...

so I know yesterday that I said I was going to be making a list of great easy gift ideas and that not all will be knit so I decided that I am going to do a series of gift ideas and these will be the knit ones. :) (all the patterns will have links as to where to find them)

Pretty easy and cute and can be I loved them soo much I have made 3 pairs this year.

if the thumbs and little details are too much for you then you can do toast

I altered mine to leave a simple thumb hole for my thumb instead of the no thumb or a full out thumb knit on like Leslie's pattern toasty. They are both on her great blog a friend to knit with where the link takes you.

These are the kid version of sorta the same concept I came up with tiny toast

I left thumb holes for kiddos so that they can have use their fingers for gripping play ground equipment and other things their busy little fingers might need to do. They are also great at keeping arms warm when wearing short sleeves or...

they double as leg warmers

Another great simple pattern is bertrand louis. I can't link this but it is a free ravelry down load. :) It is a tube you fold and tuck to make a hat (great with pony tails.

shows malabrigo lovely..

here is the front ..

or use it as a cowl down around your neck..

Another great cowl and what I grabbed every time I left the house last year was infinity cowl...

This is simply brilliant and such a pain free knit. I love love love mine... I snagged these pics from Kim and I hope she doesn't mind because I love this sooo much. :)

She shows it way better then I ever could .
I still follow Kim's blog..
Here is my sisters I made her last year :) Well there are some great free easy stress free knits for quick Christmas gifts. :) I hope you guys enjoy and they turn out great

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