Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sewing day...

So I haven't sewn anything in a while and I saw this tutorial on pinterest. I knew I had to make it. So I spent the morning sweating it out in my sewing room while fighting off the cat (who is super needy lately)
So here is side # 1 it holds sanatizer, gum/meds, lip gloss, mascara, and another lip gloss (hey a girl can never have too many,

side #2 is my business side it holds, phone, pen, business card holder, my card organizer, and oh lol well as I am going through the inventory as typing I guess a tampon lol. Too late to edit that pic lol .

and in the middle of the fold is my wallet and coupon organizer :)

So everything is staying in its place in my purse and next time I want to trade I just pluck it out and move it over. :) I love it.
Then I cleaned cooked and decided to make these. I had looked for one yesterday but didn't find everything that I love. Since we spend hours and hours in our car just for trips to the cities a month this was a necessity. I made then to fit each kids gadgets and needs.
Monkey butts houses the portable dvd player (if any one would like to donate a set of double ones that attach to the head rest I would love you for ever lol) her ds, her ds games, her ipod, the dvd player charger, headphones, a tablet and two pens.

Fire monsters houses her leapster, leapster games, gameboy, disney mix stick, headphones, tablet, and two pens.
Well I have my nephew all week and while my hubby is trying to sleep the three kids are jumping and screaming up stairs and since threatening isn't working I am off to put all three non listening monsters to bed early. Wish me luck!

Friday, August 19, 2011

4 point+ ww toffee coffee cooler /purple and grey room progress

Soooo I don't know what the deal is but blogger moves the order of all my pics every time I upload them. Any who... I have decided my room will be purple and grey and I have been slowly working on changing up the room. I got new bedding last week that I love love love.. I also painted night stands . But also I got that awesome shade in the right hand corner on my side of the bed.

I picked it up from Italy Ava. Here in town. I love it soo cute.

Also I decided that it was time to get the strangers out of the frame in the jewelry box my sis gave me. I made a page and threw it in there.

So there is a little peek at the process. Well seeing as my evil step monster in law called me fat a few weekends ago (real low point trust me) Anyway. I am back working out and watching what I eat (I am 4 pounds down so far) But I made up a Toffee coffee cooler recipe. I am picky I used to work for a very popular coffee chain. So what I used was these ingredients: 3/4c.cold press, 1/2c. almond milk, 1/8C. fat free sweet cream,1/2T toffee chips, and 1Tinstant vanilla pudding and one splenda packet.

I have a bella (magic bullet type ) blender I picked up on black Friday two years ago for 10$!!! I love it I put ice in then add all the other ingredients and blend and a super yummy coffee treat for 4 points. Beats the heck out of caribou @ ten points for a JUNIOR caramel cooler and 8 for a TALL caramel frappachino @ Starbucks. To make cold press is super easy I throw a cup of coffee grounds in my 2Q jug and then fill with cold water and throw it on the counter over night or up to 24 hours. Then run it through a filter. :) Refrigerate and you are good to go. The sweet cream I found on another site. It is one can ff evaporated milk and one can ff condensed milk. It stays refrigerated super yummy.

mine is HUGE and yummy if you wanted to drop the points even lower leave out the sweet cream and the toffee and use sugar free vanilla instant pudding powder (but I couldn't find any) So I am off to the cities to spend some much needed time with my family I am getting home sick and can't wait to see everyone :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

they are back

In a effort to get back on the healthy track i was on premove (and fit in my pants) 8 am making better choices one of which is bringing back green smoothies people. I do one a day and it is going great. I am also back to working out. So far this week I have walked/jogged 7 miles , did bosu (i had to just go through and do what my tiny killer of a teacher stacy used to do because they dont offer bosu here) and a zumba class (they only offer ONE a WEEK here!!!) As well as taking the girl swimming 2ce so far this week and getting in a few laps during that (nothing like squeezing into a swim suite to reiforce the reason you want to change lol). Today we are walking to the library 1.27 miles each way and then swimming later :) i am making healthier choices but not going full on weight watchers point counting because i dont want to burn out but cold weather will be here before i know it :|
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

more refurbs lamps, desks, and cubbies

Okay guys I have been hard at work and have lots of fun new refurbs to show you. This one was great. When I got this hobnail milk glass lamp at a thrift shop for two dollars the shade was UGLY and then metal was ruined too so I covered the milk glass and gave it a quick coat of silver spray paint.
Then recovered the ugly shade in this damask print and then used hot glue to attach the quilt binding for a finished look. I love love love it now

Then I finished painting the roll top desk ivory.

and added some pretty scrapbook papers to the back cubbies. I love this desk now. It is soo much more me then the old way it was. So happy with it and how it turned out. Totally worth all the blood sweat and tears.

One more project I took on this week was making seat cushions for the girls totes. I bough plywood and had them cut it to my specifications then using some quilt batting and a staple gun finished the job.

this makes them way more practical and the kids are loving them.

Well I promised to take the kids swimming then I have to get back to shark week ;) I rented soul surfer figured it was perfect to fit in with shark week. Have a good one guys.