Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sewing day...

So I haven't sewn anything in a while and I saw this tutorial on pinterest. I knew I had to make it. So I spent the morning sweating it out in my sewing room while fighting off the cat (who is super needy lately)
So here is side # 1 it holds sanatizer, gum/meds, lip gloss, mascara, and another lip gloss (hey a girl can never have too many,

side #2 is my business side it holds, phone, pen, business card holder, my card organizer, and oh lol well as I am going through the inventory as typing I guess a tampon lol. Too late to edit that pic lol .

and in the middle of the fold is my wallet and coupon organizer :)

So everything is staying in its place in my purse and next time I want to trade I just pluck it out and move it over. :) I love it.
Then I cleaned cooked and decided to make these. I had looked for one yesterday but didn't find everything that I love. Since we spend hours and hours in our car just for trips to the cities a month this was a necessity. I made then to fit each kids gadgets and needs.
Monkey butts houses the portable dvd player (if any one would like to donate a set of double ones that attach to the head rest I would love you for ever lol) her ds, her ds games, her ipod, the dvd player charger, headphones, a tablet and two pens.

Fire monsters houses her leapster, leapster games, gameboy, disney mix stick, headphones, tablet, and two pens.
Well I have my nephew all week and while my hubby is trying to sleep the three kids are jumping and screaming up stairs and since threatening isn't working I am off to put all three non listening monsters to bed early. Wish me luck!

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