Friday, September 16, 2011

what i have been working on for italy ava

So I have been working lately on a few new projects to sell at italy ava. I started a few weeks ago with magnet boards. I have three our there a hounds tooth one in orange and pink with big pink flower magnets, a pink leopard one with scrabble letter magnets, and this damask one with paper flower magnets. I am loving these they are cute and who couldn't use them I have lots around my house.

another thing I used magnet boards for was this menu board. I purposely sectioned it off so that it would fit a recipe card perfectly. I also used scrabble letters for the days of the week so you can plan one week ahead of time. :)

I whipped two of these little guys together for my sisters charms in the store but they hang and I am making mine to hang by my front door so that I have some where for keys :)

and this one is the biggy. I decided it is time to start refurbishing furniture for the shop and I found this piano bench yesterday. It was sorta a dark reddish wood and I sanded painted it black and upholstered the top with a damask fabric.

but the best part of piano benches These is a little area for storage where I put some great cabinet lining that matches the fabric. I love this piece so much. It is cute and super sturdy.

lol just noticed where the little fire monster got lotion on the carpet in the girl cave in the lower right hand corner of this pic lol. Well I have lots of cleaning to do we have monkeys butts 8th birthday party tomorrow (she turned 8 yesterday it goes sooo fast) and I have to clean decorate grocery shop, we are also having grandpa Danny visit this weekend and I have another new piece to work on in the garage :D Soo excited. Well off to get to work

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  1. Happy Birthday to Monkey Butt! Wow, I can't believe she's 8 already.