Friday, September 30, 2011

new peices before

So this morning me and the fire monster went out looking for new prospects for a redo. So we hit the thrifts in the local area and here is what I came up with.
A antique rocker. It is sturdy in pretty good condition but just not CUTE.
I also found a short 6 drawer dresser with all the drawers working perfectly!! I have been waiting for one of these to cross my path for a while. So this way may be staying home with me but I am going to clean, paint, line, and change out its hardware and we will see where we are after that whole process. :)

Anywho I am finally on the mend and actually got up got dressed and even wore make up today but I am looking forward to having a fairly relaxing day with just a bit of knitting and then tomorrow my lovely girlfriend Alison is going to model my cowls for some pics so I can put them up on my etsy page. :)
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