Saturday, October 1, 2011

Well Omg My blogger picture uploader has lost its mind. This is the best I could get out of it tonight. Well Any who. I took some time to make some pics really quick tonight of the new super soft cowls that I have both at my etsy shop and Italy Ava.

I am super loving these. They have been selling like hotcakes in Italy Ava so I decided I had to feature them in my etsy. So I talked my gorgeous friend Ali into modeling for some pics for etsy. This first one is a huge color for fall and something I can't get enough of peacock.

Here is a random collage of the different ones I had on hand

Here is the kelly green super great pop of color for the fall..

This one is a nice pink

another super hot color for the fall is mustard.

If you are getting a pop or color some where else a great option is this beautiful neutral grey..

This is a great plummy purple jewel tone

Here is the assortment laid out at Italy Ava. I also have khaki, black, chocolate brown, and red. There are even a few striped ones.

These are soo soft warm and cozy once you try it on you don't want to take it off. They are soo cuddly I can't wait for chilly weather bring it on :)

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