Sunday, October 2, 2011

family photos

My hubby has been on me forever that we needed new family photos. He was very right seeing as our last family photo monkey butt was fire monsters age, and fire monster wasn't even a thought yet and we weren't married!!! It has been a long time. So before our last trip to the cities I talked to (i.e. begged) my gf Steph to take some for us and she (as brilliant as she always is did a fabulous job) even though that morning I had to rush to get Monkey Butt from her dad and then meet my hubby who was rushing back from a cabin weekend with the boys (and really was right I should have cut his hair before the pics but meh what do you do) they turned out great.
Here is a great one of us ..

This one is fun and I was very impressed because all of us girls were in desperate need of a pedi and basically just had polish on our big toes but she made us look good and some how made our toes have light pink polish on them!!

This one is soooo us. Monkey butt has her crazy hysterical laugh even fire monster my serious girl has a grin.

here is my serious girl now. She actually has blue eyes but this is just something to do with the way the light hit them.

here is another really nice one of us

here is my monkey butt showing off all of her freckles. I love love love this pic of her so much.

here is all of us standing out on the dock.

This is one of us sitting on the stairs that lead down to the dock

and here is another super great one of my girls. This is a very them picture that she captured.

I love the job that she did and I can't wait to do some cool things with these and put them out around the house. I love them soo much. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing them as much as I did


  1. I came across your blog today and I'm not sure how, but I am following you now. I LOVE those cupcake hats, Ahhhsome! They make me smile. I love to look at cupcakes (don't eat em' too sweet for me), there is a sense of whimsy that they represent. :)
    I also noticed you too, live in the twincities ... I guess we're neighbors :)

  2. Welcome and I am glad you are following. I love cupcakes too. I think it is just a think you can't not love in some sense. I lived in tc for 12 years then this last feb. we moved to southwest mn for my hubbies work big adjustment

  3. **Love** those photos of one of the best-looking families I know! :) Thanks for sharing.