Wednesday, October 5, 2011

newest refurbs and rooms rearranged

I have a few new refurbs to share with you guys. First off is this rocker I got . It is super sturdy and comfy and is in good condition the cushion is super thick and it is very nice to sit in..but not super cute

I sanded it down painted it and recovered it in this grey blue and purple fabric and scotch guarded that.

This one is probably going to wind up going but not until there is room in the shop.

Here is my other refurb this one is staying home with me though :)

nice 6 drawer dresser ugly pulls though. and a bit beat up but the drawers open and close nicely. I have been waiting for something like this for quiet some time

This one is part way done I am thinking of doing something esle to the front and I need to get the right pulls. but it is painted a nice grey to match in my bedroom and I am sick on trying to get my drawers open so there is ribbon for pulls until I get the ones I want :) I had it some where else in my room after lots and lots of moving furnature. Then yesterday was tuesday morning coffee with the girlfriends and my brillant girl freind Laura said "nope all wrong" (she was right and I love her for telling me) So my hubby got home and I got to break the news to him again that his evening was to be spent moving furnature again. So Here is my room now..

I am not done with it by any means but is cute then before. I am going to get two shelves like the one on my side of the bed and fabric the insides for side tables :) I moved the sofa table from in the girl cave (the up dated girl cave is tomorrows post)

the dresser is where the shelf was before with the tv on it

I put the white picture and the milk glass that was on the kitchen table on the sofa table.

So here is that side of the bed.

Here is to the other side of the dresser..

I backed the dresser with damask fabric and moved one side table there to hold the printer and printer paper and what not and use as a side table it will be a seating area and for now the rockers home until there is room in the shop.

The pictures on the wall were on the side table at the hubbies side and I am going to add more black frames with family pics

Here is another angle of that

and since I stole the table decorations this moved up from the girl cave and was filled with peas and a candle

So here is the table now.

Well I better get some chores done and feed fire monster lunch before she takes matters into her own hands

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