Tuesday, October 18, 2011

chunky cable throw pillows

Last week I made some great throw pillows out of cable sweater for Italy Ava .
I fell in love with them. They are some of my favorite pieces so far.
So I have been busy making a few more.

I apologize for the sub par photography but here is a pretty pear green pillow :)

This is a fabulous grey one with cables and seed stitch.
This is one I made out of the left overs from the first set.
As well as this cream one out of left overs. I am loving these and I am not sure if they will stay with me or go up for sale I am not certain yet. But I am loving them :)
I am having a tough time getting my knitting done my ulnaritus is acting up and has been super painful the past few day so I am on my way to the chiro hoping she can fix me up. So sewing these pillows was a nice break although not easy lol. Well I need to cook some lunch before I head off to the chiro . :) I hope you guys enjoy seeing then great new pieces as much as I enjoy making them. If you make your own I would love to see the pics :) They can go to sweetaimee81@gmail.com :)

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